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All About The ASIN

Iva Hauk

First of all, what is an ASIN?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is in its sense similar to a UPC number, however, for Amazon products only. It is a 10-digit identification number that helps differentiate between the millions of products on Amazon. There is an exception for books, where the ASIN Number is the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). …

Finding Top Selling Products on Amazon

Emin Bahadir

A friend told me recently that he had trouble finding a niche on Amazon that seemed to be profitable and worth it going for. And I am sure that he is not the only one thinking that there is no success to be found on Amazon anymore due to its intense competition and vast amount of products being offered. However, I have shared a method with him, and I will share it with you now as well, h…

The Importance of Keywords for Amazon Product Listings

Esref Ozgur Altuntas

Keyword preparation is done two times in Amazon, first when creating a product listing / optimizing it and 2. giving an Amazon PPC advertisement. We should first focus on the first step. Why is it so important to search and find keywords for your product? In fact, Amazon provides a democratic environment to everyone. Everybody present their product. In fact, investing in an Amazon produc…

Beginner's Guide For Amazon FBA Sellers

Emin Bahadir

Amazon has over 300 million customers that are ready to buy your product. Amazon's growth bears some huge opportunities for Private Label sellers and Amazon's FBA services are a great way to sell items worldwide without the hassle of dealing with storage, worldwide distribution and returns. If you are selling through Amazon FBA, Amazon manages the storage and distribution of your product…

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