Why Is The Amazon ASIN So Important? And What Is Reverse ASIN Lookup?

First of all, what is an ASIN?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is in its sense similar to a UPC number, however, for Amazon products only. It is a 10-digit identification number that helps differentiate between the millions of products on Amazon. There is an exception for books, where the ASIN Number is the International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

Where can I find the ASIN of a product?

The ASIN can be either found in the product information section of a product listing on Amazon:


Or directly within the URL of the product:


Why is the ASIN important for Amazon Sellers?

As soon as you add a product to your Amazon business, an ASIN number will be added to it.

The ASIN is a crucial ID number that helps identifying Amazon products for everyone. However, the most important use of an ASIN is when you use it to lookup product data connected to the ASIN. This process is called Reverse ASIN Lookup. This method has become very popular among Amazon Sellers in order to analyze their competitor’s data.

With the ASIN you are able to identify your competitor’s most used and successful keywords and therefore, improve your Amazon PPC Campaigns, which ultimately will result in higher customer traffic and sales.

Reverse ASIN Lookup With Our WebApp

Our FetchSome WebApp includes a tool called Keyword Explorer. With it, you are able to explore the keywords of any Amazon product that you would like to examine. It easily let's you analyze, for example, your biggest competitor’s keywords. For that you simply copy the ASIN of their product and paste it into the search bar of the Keyword Explorer and instantly you will be provided with a list of keywords:



Adding the right keywords to your Amazon PPC Campaign will help you tremendously in ranking higher when customers are searching for products like yours. So it is crucial to optimize your keywords and PPC Campaign in order to attract more customers and boost your sales.

Apart from using the Keyword Explorer for the Reverse ASIN Lookup, it can also help you in determining a niche or product category. If you have found a profitable product using our tools, the WebApp and the Chrome Extension, you can look up the ASIN of that product, examine the related keywords and then you get the niche that this product is in. In this example the niche would be “wood disposable cutlery”.

The Keyword Explorer is only one of 5 tools, that our WebApp offers! We at FetchSome want to make it as easy as possible for you to become a successful Amazon FBA seller. So if you haven’t already - get our WebApp here and start looking and finding profitable products using our tools.

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